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Unity Medicare Plans

Apply for Senior Choice in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1

Select a Senior Choice health insurance advisor from the list below.

When you select a link, you will leave this website.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

Onalaska, Wisconsin

Baraboo, Wisconsin

Beloit, Wisconsin

  • Tricor Insurance
    • (608) 723-6441

Black River Falls, Wisc.

Camp Douglas, Wisconsin

  • Donald Root Insurance, LLC
    • (608) 427-6848

Ettrick, Wisconsin

  • Nicole Becker
    • (608) 385-6973

Hillsboro, Wisconsin

Lancaster, Wisconsin

  • Tricor Insurance
    • (608) 723-6441
  • Crubel Financial Services
    • (608) 723-6153

Pigeon Falls, Wisconsin

  • American Financial Solutions
    • (715) 983-5663

Plymouth, Wisconsin

  • Tricor Insurance
    • (608) 723-6441

Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin

Richland Center, Wisconsin

Sparta, Wisconsin

Spring Green, Wisconsin

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

  • Talent Insurance and Financial Solutions
    • (608) 825-7882

Wilton, Wisconsin

  • Donald Root Insurance, LLC
    • (608) 427-6848

Step 2

Review the Senior Choice Outline of Coverage to learn about the base plan as well as additional coverage options (riders) you can purchase if you choose.

Complete the Senior Choice Application with the help of your insurance adviser.

Step 3

When needed, receive covered healthcare services at any provider in the United States who accepts Medicare. Present your Senior Choice member identification card when you receive services.

Medical claims will be submitted by the healthcare provider to Original Medicare. Medical claims will then be submitted to Senior Choice by the healthcare provider (after Medicare submits payment).

Health plans offered by Quartz Health Plan Corporation.