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What is Quartz Medicare Advantage?

Learn about Quartz Medicare Advantage in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Iowa.

Quartz Medicare Advantage (HMO) is a Medicare Advantage (MA) Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Plan administered by Quartz Health Plan Corporation.

Quartz Health Plan Corporation, through our contract with the federal government, receives funds to help pay for the health care services members use. Members pay a monthly plan premium and copayments for designated services. 

Quartz Medicare Advantage has several plan options. All plans offer comprehensive medical coverage including worldwide coverage for emergency and urgent care, fixed premiums regardless of your age and additional benefits not found in Original Medicare. Plans are available with or without Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, allowing you to select the plan benefits and premiums that best match your needs.

For further details about each plan, please visit the Browse Plans page and select your county of residence.

Enrolling in a Part D Prescription Drug Plan is optional, however, if you do not elect coverage when you first become eligible for Medicare, and if you do not have Creditable Coverage (a drug plan that is considered to be at least equal to Medicare part D) you could incur premium penalties in the future when you do want to enroll in a plan. Enrolling in a Quartz Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage helps to simplify your Medicare by putting your healthcare and prescription coverage into one plan.

When you enroll in a Quartz Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan, you agree to receive all of your routine or scheduled healthcare services from medical providers that are in the Quartz Medicare Advantage provider network. Medicare contracts with Quartz Medicare Advantage to provide your Medicare Part A & B benefits, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage if you choose it, as well as supplemental benefits all in one comprehensive plan.

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This web page was updated on November 5, 2020.
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