Learn about private health insurance in Wisconsin.

To be eligible for Quartz Medicare Advantage (HMO), you need to be:

  • Eligible for Medicare Part A
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B
  • A resident of our service area

Wisconsin County: 

  • Waukesha

Quartz Medicare Advantage is an HMO plan.

This means that you have coverage when you get medical services through the Quartz Medicare Advantage network of plan providers and facilities.

I applied - When does my coverage start?

Coverage for Quartz Medicare Advantage starts on the first day of the next month after we receive your completed application.


  • December 15 – you send in your application
  • December 16 – we receive the application. It is complete and accurate.
  • January 1 – your coverage starts.
This webpage was updated on September 1, 2020.