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Learn about private health insurance in Wisconsin.

Need to find a doctor or pharmacy?

Our Find a Doctor tool will help you find primary care, specialists, health care facilities, and pharmacies within the Quartz Medicare Advantage provider network. While you need to enroll in a plan for your service area, you may see any provider in the Quartz Medicare Advantage network in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, and Minnesota.

The Quartz Medicare Advantage Provider and Pharmacy Directory is updated daily, so you’ll always have access to the most current information.

Contact Customer Service if you:

  • Find an error in the directory. This includes when a provider is no longer accepting new patients.
  • Would like a hard copy of the directory mailed to you.
  • Have questions or need more information about a provider, such as their professional qualifications, medical school attended, residency completed, or board certification status.

Note: If you have a health care visit with an out-of-network provider, it could result in nonpayment of services. This means you would need to pay for your care or services.

For help finding a primary care provider at Gundersen Health Systems, call the New Patient Registration Dept. at (608) 775-0601.

This webpage was updated on October 1, 2020.