Whether you are interested in getting in shape, losing weight or simply eating healthier, our WellPlus* program is your first step to being rewarded for healthier choices. WellPlus offers members the ability to earn points for participating in health activities and tracking those activities in an online wellness site and mobile app. Members 18 and over can earn up to $100 for activities tracked on the WellPlus website or mobile app.

In addition, the WellPlus site includes a personal health assessment, fitness device tracking, exercise plan, a meal planner, workout ideas and health logs.

Register for WellPlus and start earning your wellness rewards! Points can be earned through exercise, tracking healthy eating, completing your annual physical exam and more, including the following programs –

  • Personal Health Assessment (PHA): Our online personal health assessment connects you to health information that is unique to you based on your health practices and personal health goals. You will receive points for completing the online PHA.
  • Physical Activity: Physicians Plus will help you cover a portion of your health and fitness facility membership. You can also earn points for your exercise! Simply pay your member fees up front and track your activity on WellPlus to earn points.
  • Nutrition: You can earn points for purchasing a produce share from a Community Supported Agriculture Farm and for tracking your fruit and vegetable intake on the WellPlus website.
  • Preventive Care: Earn points for completing your annual physical exam.
  • Weight Watchers: Due to its success rate in meeting and maintaining individualized weight goals, and its strong educational component of sensible nutrition and exercise, we are pleased to offer Weight Watchers as an option for our WellPlus program.
  • Learn Healthy Practices: From discovering the joys of childbirth, learning how to meditate, family yoga or Pilates, Physicians Plus and its partner programs offer classes that will keep you informed and on the move. Classes taken at any Physicians Plus network facility are eligible for WellPlus points when recorded on the WellPlus site.     

Need help signing up for the portal? Check out the step-by-step guide.

*All points need to be logged on WellPlus by the end of your health plan policy date. Please contact Member Services or your employer if you have questions on your policy year date.