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Members traveling outside of the United States may be covered for up to an additional 90-day travel supply of medications.

To access this addition to their benefit, members need to  –

  1. Maintain their Quartz membership for the entire period of travel
  2. Fully complete the International Extended Travel Pharmacy Supplies Form by
  3. Submit the form with travel verification documents to the Quartz Pharmacy Benefit Management Program at least 30 days prior to departure

If approved, members will pay one copay or other applicable cost share based on their benefits for each 30-day supply of medication authorized.

The quantity of medication authorized may vary based on recent member claims, Quartz coverage term dates and travel information submitted. If medication supplies greater than the amount authorized are needed, the additional supply will need to be purchased at full cost.

This cost may be eligible for Member Reimbursement Form upon return from travel. This is only available if members maintain continuous Quartz prescription coverage throughout the trip and through the completion of the reimbursement process.