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Quartz's mission is to investigate all grievance and appeals appropriately and work to resolve them within the required time period. There is no time limit for filing appeals or grievances. Expedited appeals will be resolved in 72 hours and standard appeals will be resolved in 30 days.

The State of Wisconsin defines a grievance… “Grievance” means any dissatisfaction with an insurer offering a health benefit plan or administration of a health benefit plan by the insurer that is expressed in writing to the insurer by, or on behalf of, an insured including any of the following:

  1. Provision of services.
  2. Determination to reform or rescind a policy.
  3. Determination of a diagnosis or level of service required for evidence−based treatment of autism spectrum disorders.
  4. Claims practices.

You or your provider can file an appeal in writing. Your provider will need your approval which can be submitted on the Appointment of Authorized Representative form. Once an appeal begins, you will be contacted by an Appeals Specialist and an invitation will be mailed to attend a Reconsideration Meeting. At this meeting you will be able to make a statement about why you feel the appeal should be approved.

The State of Wisconsin gives members the ability to file an external review by a company that is not affiliated with Quartz. Maximus Federal Services requires you to fill out the Review Request Form.

In most cases, you must complete any mandatory appeals or opportunities for reconsideration offered by your health plan or insurance issuer before Maximus will do an external review. In urgent situations, Maximus may be able to do a review even if you have not made all appeals and reconsiderations. Maximus must receive the completed form within four months of the date your insurer sent you a final decision denying your services or your claim for payment.

Download the Maximus External Appeal Request Form