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Self Funded Participants

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Your employer has selected Quartz to administer your health plan benefits. Providing excellent customer service is a company-wide goal at Quartz. Every employee is dedicated to helping ensure that you receive the high level of service that you deserve.

We strive to –

  • Provide prompt and accurate claim processing and customer service
  • Keep our promises and commitments to our customers
  • Exceed our customers’ expectations in everything we do

Quartz MyChart

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MyChart for Participants

All participants 18 years of age and older are provided with a secure online portal, MyChart. With MyChart, you can access your health benefit information and other features including –

  • View your plan benefit information
  • Check claims status
  • Check eligibility
  • Review prior authorizations
  • Request or print ID cards
  • View Explanation of Benefits
  • Change your Primary Care Physician
  • Update your demographic information
  • Ask a question securely with “Send a Message”
Benefit Lookup

To view your plan benefit documents, access the –

Benefit Lookup tool

If you are a current Quartz participant,

to view your current Summary Plan Description and Plan Document, please –

login to MyChart 

Prior Authorization

The Prior Authorization Process

Prior Authorization is the process of getting written approval from Quartz for specific services, equipment, and supplies before they are received. Prior authorization allows members to budget for upcoming expenses and avoid unexpected costs. During prior authorization, Quartz can alert members to non-covered services, visit limits, and other important requirements of their health plan.

Prior Authorization reviews and authorizes payment for the following –

  • A specific health service, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), or supply that is medically necessary
  • A  specific number of visits or period of time during which they care will be provided
  • A specific provider rendering the service

Prior Authorization lists are not all-inclusive and may differ depending on the health plan offered by your employer. Failure to obtain Prior Authorization may result in non-coverage for the service or supply. Please contact contact Quartz Customer Services Care Advocates at (800) 805-0693 if you have questions.

Prior Authorization is not a guarantee of payment because claims are paid based on the actual care received, and the date care is provided. Put another way, the care plan approved in the prior authorization process may be different from the actual care received. This can affect payment. Additionally, plan attributes like the Deductible and Visit Limits reset each year, so the date health care is received can also affect how your benefits are paid. To find your plan's Prior Authorization list, please login to Quartz MyChart or contact Quartz Customer Services Care Advocates at (800) 805-0693.


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