Your Doctors, Our Network

Our handy Find a Doctor tool will help you find primary care, specialists, health care facilities, and pharmacies within the Quartz Medicare Advantage provider network. The directory is updated daily, so you’ll always have access to the most current information.

For help finding a primary care provider at Aurora Health Care, call (414) 290-9671. For ProHealth Care, call the PHC Physician Referral Line at (262) 928-3000.

Note: If you have a health care visit with an out-of-network provider, it could result in nonpayment of services. This means you would need to pay for your care or services.

Medicare Advantage 2021 Network Map
Learn about private health insurance in Wisconsin.

My Plan Documents

We keep track of your documents so you don't have to. Make accessing your plan documents a breeze by utilizing the Document Lookup Tool or MyChart for:

  • Plan Documents
  • Explanation of Benefits Statements
  • Member ID Card
  • Online Pharmacy Benefits Tool (if you have Part D benefits)
  • Prior Authorization List

My Extra Benefits

Extras really do give you more for your health care dollar! Discover how these extra benefits offer you quick and easy ways to manage your health – leaving you more time to live your life — healthier.

Evaluating the Use of New Technology

My Health Resources

We feel better when you feel better. Get the information, tools, and resources you need to stay healthy and prevent or manage diseases – all on one page. Now that was easy!

My Newsletter

Every three months, get inspired to live a healthier life with helpful articles, healthy tips, and more delivered to your home. Miss an issue? No worries, you’ll find past and current newsletters here.


My Forms

All the forms you need to manage your plan every day of the year are right here. Can’t find the form you’re looking for? Contact Customer Service.

Appeals and Grievances

We are dedicated to providing quality service to our members. Our goal is to continuously improve the care and service members receive. You may have a concern at some point. As a member, you have the right to voice a complaint or appeal a decision made by Quartz Medicare Advantage. Find out more on our Appeals and Grievances page.


My Privacy

To learn how Quartz Medicare Advantage uses and protects your personal information, please read our Notice of Privacy Practices.


Need to make a payment?

You can mail your payment to us at:


Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin:Quartz Medicare Advantage
 PO Box 78498
 Milwaukee, WI 53278-8498
 Minnesota:Quartz Medicare Advantage
 PO Box 78186
 Milwaukee, WI 53278-8186

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