Choice90 Extended Supply Program (Maintenance Medications)

Choice90 makes it easy to receive a 90 day supply of the medicine you take most often.

You can get a 90-day supply of certain medicines from your local pharmacy. More than 1,000 pharmacies in Wisconsin and Illinois participate in the program. Choice90 offers greater flexibility and expands pharmacy choices.

  • Your medicine may be covered in the Choice90 program if
  • The medication is listed as a maintenance medication in national databases
  • The cost of a 90-day supply is within the Choice90 limits
  • All other benefit requirements have been met including prior authorization, step therapy, generic substitution and quantity requirements*

The Quartz Drug Formulary flags all drugs that are maintenance medications (Choice90) with the notation "MM".

Participating pharmacies are listed the Pharmacy Search.

If you want your medication mailed to you, ask your pharmacy if they offer free mailing or delivery before you enroll. Many pharmacies offer this service, so shop around. This is NOT a program requirement.

Medications included in the Quartz Specialty Programs are not part of the Choice90 program. These medications are listed with “T4” in the drug formulary.

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