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We Are Here to Help

At Quartz, we're doing all we can to keep you informed. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated symptoms for COVID-19. See the symptom checker at right. Always call your provider or clinic before seeking medical care.

We understand you have questions. We're here to answer them. See Frequently Asked Questions (updated December 29, 2020).

We are a phone call away! If you need to reach us, please call (800) 362-3310 or TTY 711. You can also send a secure message via MyChart.

Extended timelines on coverage with no out-of-pocket costs

COVID-19 viral testing:

  • For Quartz commercial members, there will be no copay, coinsurance, or deductible for medically necessary* COVID-19 tests ordered by a provider in our network through March 13, 2021, or the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency, whichever is later.
  • For Quartz Medicare Advantage members, there will be no copay, coinsurance, or deductible for medically necessary* COVID-19 tests ordered by a provider in our network through the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency.

Members do not need our OK for testing. Please call your provider in advance before you go to any facility for testing. (Numbers are listed to the right.)

COVID-19 antibody testing:

  • Medically necessary* tests ordered by an in-network provider will continue to be covered through the end of the Federal Public Health Emergency.

*Medically necessary tests include tests for members with known or suspected symptoms, known or suspected exposure, and those entering health care facilities for service.

Third-party screening tests for employment, school admission, or travel are not covered

As you can see, we cover tests ordered by a provider to meet members’ medical needs. We do not cover screening tests requested by third parties, such as those for employment, school admission, or travel: 

  • Tests requested for return to work, school, or participation on a sports team are typically paid for by the organization requesting them or by the person receiving the non-covered service.
  • Tests conducted at public health sites and at-home tests, whether conducted at home or sent to outside labs for analysis, are not covered by Quartz.

Telehealth and Virtual Visits return to usual cost-share January 1, 2021

To help during difficult times, Quartz waived member cost-share for telehealth and virtual visits through December 31, 2020. This benefit enhancement ends for most members* with the start of the new year. Members pay their usual out-of-pocket costs beginning January 1, 2021.

*Members on an Illinois-licensed policy have $0 cost-share through the end of the Illinois Disaster Proclamation.

Your Quick Reference to Telehealth and Virtual Visits

Telehealth and virtual visits are appropriate and cost-effective choices. We want to help you better understand your options. Learn about Telehealth/Virtual Visits

COVID-19 Vaccines are covered 100% with $0 cost-share

  • Health care workers and people in long-term care facilities will receive the vaccine first. 
  • Vaccines will likely soon be available to more high-risk people and the general public.

Please be patient as details become available. Watch for information from your provider or clinic.

Learn more about COVID-19 vaccines from:

Viruses Don't Discriminate - Neither Should We

This Anti-Stigma Fact Sheet from Public Health Madison & Dane County explains why we shouldn't discriminate against people that we think may have COVID-19. Visit Public Health Madison & Dane County for more information.

COVID-19: Resources for Our Communities

We have a COVID-19 List of Resources for you.

How You Can Help

Wondering how you can help during the COVID-19 pandemic? We've put together a list of ways to help out your community while staying safe.

Sign up to volunteer through WEAVR

Gov. Tony Evers announced that the state is seeking volunteers to support Wisconsin's healthcare system during the COVID-19 pandemic. Active and retired healthcare professionals and those who wish to help in non-clinical support positions are encouraged to sign up to volunteer through the Wisconsin Emergency Assistance Volunteer Registry (WEAVR).

Do You Need Help With Premium Payments?

Quartz and UW Health are teaming up with the United Way of Dane County to fund HealthConnect. HealthConnect helps local families pay for health insurance premiums.

Call First Instead of Dropping In!

  • Call Quartz locations. For your health and well-being and that of our employees, please call Customer Service at (800) 362-3310, rather than stopping into the office. You can also log into MyChart to access many self-service tools.
  • Call your medical facility in advance. When seeking care, call your medical facility first. This will help them direct you to the proper facility. See CDC recommendations.

Other numbers:

UW Health: COVID-19 hotline at (608) 720-5300

Gundersen Health: (608) 782-7300

UnityPoint Health: (608) 417-6000

SwedishAmerican: (779) 696-4400

CDC Resources

The CDC is a reliable source for information about COVID-19. Resources are available in English and Spanish on the CDC website. Some topics you may be interested in are: 

State-Level Resources

Stay informed and get state-level COVID-19 updates. Visit the following sites: