Answers to Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register to pay with online billing?

To pay from your bank account (EFT), you need to log in to MyChart. You will see a Billing icon in the top navigation bar. Move your cursor over the icon and select "Pay Premium". From that point, just follow the instructions. You can add automatic payments or choose to pay one premium at a time.

If you don’t have a Quartz MyChart account, sign up for MyChart today!

How do I sign up for email billing?

To sign up for email billing, simply log in to Quartz MyChart and change your Premium Billing Preference to “Email.” If you don’t have a Quartz MyChart account, sign up for MyChart today!


Can I use bill pay from my bank account to pay my premium invoice?

Yes. Make sure that you have the bank mail your check seven to 10 days before the premium invoice due date. Banks print and mail the check. That means it can be delayed by holidays, mail issues and so on.

Can I pay my premium invoices in advance?

Yes, you may pay your premium in advance; however, we only bill monthly. You may pay as many months in advance as you wish. We will send you a monthly invoice showing a credit or amount due after the credit is used.

When will my payment be reflected?

Generally, payments will be reflected on your account within one day of receipt by our bank.

I paid my premium, but I still got a notice that I need to pay.

Late payment notices are sent out shortly after the first of the month in which the payment is due, usually no later than the 10th of that month. Based on this timing, if you do not pay your invoice by the due date, you may receive this notice from Quartz.

How do I cancel automatic payments?

You will need to return to the payment portal within MyChart. Just log in to MyChart and select “Pay Premium” under premium invoices. This will take you to the payment portal, which allows you to change your automatic payment settings.

Two automatic Quartz premium payments are being deducted from my account. How do I stop this?

Quartz monitors automatic premium payment signups to prevent duplication. However, if this does happen, check to see if you have automatic payments set up outside of the Quartz Payment Portal. If this is happening, contact Customer Service at (800) 362-3310.

Does every payment I’ve made appear in the “Payment History” page in the online payment portal?

This page will only show payments that have been processed through the portal. If you are wondering if Quartz has received your premium invoice payment, call us at (800) 362-3310.

I get an error when I try to open my email invoice. What should I do?

  1. Save the premium invoice to your desktop prior to trying to view it
  2. Check to see if you have Adobe Reader Version 7 or above. If not, you will have to download it here
  3. Check to make sure you are connected to the internet

If none of these things fix the problem, call Customer Service at (800) 362-3310.

Missing Payments

I can’t pay my premium invoice on time. How long do I have before my insurance policy is canceled?

The amount of time you have to pay your premium invoice depends on whether you get subsidies or not.

  • If the government helps you pay your premium – If you are getting advanced premium tax credits (APTC), by law, you have 90 days to bring your payments up to date. This is called a “grace period.” If you don’t pay any premiums at all after you enroll in the plan, your policy will be canceled. Otherwise, you are granted a grace period of 90 days to pay all premiums owed. If payment is not made, your policy will be terminated. Quartz will pay claims during the first 30 days of the 90-day grace period. After that, Quartz will not pay claims, and you are responsible for those costs unless you catch up on your premium payments by the end of the grace period. If you terminate your policy after one month, or if your coverage is terminated due to failure to pay within the 90-day grace period, you are still responsible for paying the first month’s premium invoice.
  • You don’t get help paying your premium – You have 31 days to pay your premium invoice after the due date. Otherwise, Quartz will not pay claims and your policy will be terminated.

If your policy has been terminated for nonpayment, it cannot be reinstated. You will need to buy a new policy during open enrollment or a special enrollment period.