Simplify your life with Online Billing & Payment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Online Billing

You can now pay online –

  • Immediately with a secure online funds transfer (Electronic Funds Transfer or EFT)
  • Set up recurring payments (Automatic Clearing House or ACH)
  • By secure email

If you are receiving your invoices by mail, you can get them by email or pay online. Simply login to MyChart and –

  • Change your Premium Billing Preference to “Email”
  • And / or select “Pay Bill” to pay with a bank transfer (EFT) or set up automatic payments (ACH)

If you don’t have a QuartzMyChart account, sign up for MyChart today! (For your security, you need a MyChart account for online billing.)

Save a tree and simplify your life with online or email payments!

Important facts to know about paying your Premium Invoice

Pay BEFORE the due date

  • Payments take at least one business day to process
  • We will send you a late payment notice if your payment is not received by the due date
    • If you don’t want to get these reminders, pay your Premium Invoice before it is due

Grace Periods

  • Grace periods vary – either 31 or 90 days, depending on your policy
  • If you don’t pay all outstanding balances within your grace period, your policy will be terminated
  • Payments take one business day to process. Pay two business days before the end of your grace period if you want to keep your health insurance