BadgerCare Plus members can use the non-emergency medical transportation vendor,
MTM Inc., for non-emergency transportation to medical appointments.

To schedule transportation

  1. Schedule routine rides at least two business days before your visit
  2. Call 866.907.1493 to schedule a ride, or
  3. Go online and schedule a ride

If you call less than two business days before your appointment, you might not get a ride – unless it’s urgent. If you can not get a ride, you will have to reschedule your appointment and the ride.

Otherwise, you can ask the clinic to schedule the ride for you when you make your appointment. A ride to an urgent appointment will be provided in three hours or less.

To file a complaint –

Call MTM, Inc.’s “WeCare” line at 866.436.0457 if you have a complaint about your service. You may also use their online form. Providing excellent service is important to them. They will follow up on all complaints. They will contact everyone who was part of your scheduling and transport.

If your ride is late –

Contact MTM, Inc.’s “Where’s My Ride” line at (866) 907-1494 if –

  • You have been waiting for your ride for more than 15 minutes after your scheduled pick-up time
  • You had a pre-scheduled return ride and you have waited for more than 15 minutes
  • You called the transportation provider after your appointment and have waited for more than one hour