Quartz wants you and your family to have a healthy future! 

Get in and Win

Your child(ren) have a chance to WIN a $25 gift. Each time they GET IN for a HealthCheck exam, their name will be entered in a monthly drawing to win a $25 gift. Winners will receive their gift card in the mail after the winner's address is verified!

Please call your doctor’s office today and make an appointment. If you don not know who your doctor is, please call Customer Service at (800) 362-3310. Look at the schedule for when your child needs a physical / HealthCheck and blood lead test.

HealthCheck is for your child / children under age 21 and it is –

  • A physical exam that is necessary
  • Done by your child's doctor
  • A way of making sure your child is growing properly
  • A way of making sure that all shots / immunizations are up-to-date
  • An exam that includes vision and hearing testing
  • Important – A blood lead test is needed at age 1 and by the time your child is 2 years old. You can request the test be done at your doctor’s office or at the Wisconsin Infant and Children (WIC) office.

    This service is not available at the WIC office in Dane County.

Your Child's HealthCheck Schedule

Visit to a Doctor

Ages at Which Child Should
Visit Doctor During First Year
Ages at Which Child Should
Visit Doctor After First Year
Within One Week of Delivery 15 Months
1 Month 18 Months
2 Months 24 Months
4 Months 30 Months
6 Months 3 Years
9 Months Every Year After Age 3
12 Months