Why does my child need lead testing?

Being exposed to lead is harmful to a child’s health. It can cause lead poisoning which is very serious.

Lead can be found in drinking water, chips of old paint and soil. It is also found in a lot of imported objects like candy, toys, jewelry, cosmetics, pottery and ceramics.

Home repairs, like sanding or scraping paint or remodeling can make dangerous lead dust and activities like using an indoor range can also expose children and adults to lead. Since lead is invisible and does not smell, it is hard to know if your child has been exposed.

Lead poisoning is preventable. Side effects can be lowered by stopping children from coming into contact with lead. If they have been exposed, it can be treated.

Your child’s doctor should perform a blood lead test during your child’s 12-month Well-Child check and 24-month Well-Child check, before the 2nd birthday.

After your child receives a lead test they will be entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 VISA® gift card*.


  • First Test: At 12 months
  • Second Test: At age 24 months, before the 2nd birthday

*Your child will be entered in both the GET IN drawing and the Lead Test drawing.


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