Important Information about the Quartz Online Provider Directory

This online directory was developed to help Quartz participants easily find participating practitioners, providers, and other health care professionals. While we try to provide you with accurate data, the information contained in this directory changes periodically as participating providers and practitioners join or leave the network, move or retire.

Prior to receiving services, you should always verify that the practitioner or provider you choose is still participating with Quartz and accepting new patients. Please note that some benefit plans require that you obtain a referral from your Primary Care Provider before receiving services from another physician or specialist. In order to receive the highest level of benefits, check your Plan Document and Summary Plan Description, login to MyChart to check your benefits online, or call Quartz Customer Service at (800) 805-0693 to determine whether a referral is required.

If you receive services from a network hospital, the hospital may arrange with physicians and other providers who are not part of your network to assist in your care. Quartz encourages its network hospitals to hold those providers to Quartz's standards for participant billing. However, if a hospital does not require its providers to comply with Quartz's standards, Quartz cannot influence the manner or amounts that you may be billed by the provider.

This online directory is for general information. Health benefit plans vary, so please read your Plan Document and Summary Plan Description to determine what services and supplies are covered under your particular plan.