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Pharmacy Benefits

Get the Most Out of Your Drug Coverage

  • Review the Quartz Formularies to see if your current medication is covered.
  • Medications on the Formulary are assigned a Tier (Tier 1, Tier 2, etc.). See what Tier your medication falls under. Each Tier is listed on your Summary of Benefits next to the amount you contribute to payment for the medication. This is your cost-sharing.
  • Check to see if your medications qualify for the Choice90 program.
  • Log in to MyChart to access the Pharmacy Benefits Online Tool, where you can find information about your specific drug benefit:
    • Get drug information
    • View prior authorization status for Pharmacy Benefit medications
    • Access your prescription history with PersonalHealth Rx
    • Do a drug price check
    • Find a pharmacy


You Want To:Where to Find Information:
Check the Formulary Status or Restriction Status of a DrugVisit the Prescription Drug Formulary.
Find a PharmacyVisit Find a Pharmacy.
Appeal a Prior Authorization DenialCall Customer Service at (800) 362-3310.
Speak to a Clinical Pharmacist About Why a Prior Authorization Request Was DeniedCall Quartz Pharmacy Program at (888) 450-4884.
Find Criteria for Coverage of a MedicationCall Quartz Pharmacy Program at (888) 450-4884 to learn more about the process and timeline.

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