Dual Eligible Health Plans

Benefit Information

Before making an enrollment decision, it is important that you fully understand our benefits and rules. If you have any questions, you can call and speak to a Medicare expert at (866) 491-1335 (TTY: 711).

Know your eligibility and when to enroll.

Am I eligible to enroll?

To join Quartz Medicare Advantage, you need to be entitled to Medicare Part A, enrolled in Medicare Part B, and be a U.S. citizen or lawfully present in the U.S. To qualify and remain enrolled in a Quartz Dual-Eligible plan, you need to be eligible for Medicare and receive full Medicaid benefits or be considered a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary, and live in one of the following Wisconsin counties:

  • Dane
  • La Crosse
  • Milwaukee
When can I enroll?
  1. If you’re eligible for Medicare, you can enroll during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which happens every year from Oct. 15-Dec. 7.
  2. If you’re entitled to a dual-eligible plan, you can enroll in a Quartz Dual-Eligible plan now or at the beginning of any calendar year quarter.
  3. If you already have Medicare and Medicaid, you can enroll or switch dual-eligible plans once per quarter (every three months) or during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period:
    • As long as you maintain proper Medicaid eligibility, you’ll stay qualified for a dual-eligible plan
    • Once enrolled, your coverage will automatically renew each year unless there is a change to the plan’s service area.
Ways to enroll

Whether you’ve already selected the Quartz plan you want or need help finding the right one, we’re here for you.

You can apply:

  • By calling a local insurance agent
  • Over the phone with a Quartz Medicare expert: (866) 491-1335 (TTY: 711)

More health benefits. No extra cost. That's Quartz Dual Eligible.

The Quartz Dual Eligible plan gives you all the great benefits of Original Medicare, plus many more valuable benefits that protect your health -- without hurting your wallet.