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This helpful guide explores the qualifications for domestic partner healthcare.

In Wisconsin, recognition of domestic partnership is provided by law. One of the benefits of domestic partnership is the ability to cover domestic partners (and their qualifying children) on one health insurance policy. However, insurance companies are not required to provide domestic partner health insurance. 

Quartz has been offering coverage for domestic partners since 2010 on many plans. In most of these plans, domestic partners can enroll on the same health insurance policy simply by signing an affidavit that certifies both partners meet the requirements for domestic partnership:

This helpful guide explores the qualifications for domestic partner healthcare.

1. Are at least 18 years of age and mentally competent to consent to a health insurance contract

2. Can be the same sex or opposite sex

3. Have lived together for at least six months prior to enrollment in the health insurance plan

4. Are not legally married to anyone else nor have another domestic partner

5. Are not related by marriage

6. Are not related by blood closer than permitted under the marriage laws of the State of Wisconsin

7. Have entered into the domestic partner relationship voluntarily, willingly and without reservation

8. Have entered into a relationship which is the functional equivalent of a marriage and which includes all of the following – 

  • living together as a couple
  • mutual support of each other
  • mutual caring and commitment to one another
  • mutual fidelity
  • mutual responsibility for each other’s welfare
  • joint responsibility for the necessities of life

9. Intend to continue the domestic partner relationship indefinitely, with the understanding that the relationship is terminable at the will of either partner

10. Can provide all or some of the types of documentation indicated below if requested –

  • Evidence of the joint purchase and ownership of a home;
  • A notarized copy of a lease for a residence which identifies both the Subscriber and his/her Domestic Partner as responsible for payment of rent thereunder;
  • Evidence of a joint checking account which has been in effect and valid for at least 6 months;
  • Evidence of a joint savings account which has been in effect and valid for at least 6 months;
  • A title and registration for a car showing joint ownership;
  • Evidence of joint use and liability for credit cards;
  • A certified copy of a policy declaration page specifying that the Domestic Partner is the beneficiary under a policy of life insurance issued to the Subscriber, or vice versa;
  • Evidence that the Domestic Partner is the beneficiary of the Subscriber’s deferred compensation or other retirement plan;
  • Evidence of durable powers of attorney for property which satisfies ss. 243.07 and/or 243.10, Wis. Stats., or for health which satisfies ss. 155.05 and 155.10, Wis. Stats.
  • The Subscriber’s last will and testament which specifies that his/her Domestic Partner is the major recipient of the Subscriber’s financial and real property assets; and/or
  • Other forms of documentary evidence which depicts significant joint financial interdependency between the Subscriber and his/her Domestic Partner

Domestic partners may also be eligible for subsidies, depending on income and number of people in the household.

Domestic partners insured by Quartz receive the same coverage as a married couple who purchase the same plan. Quartz Benefits Health Insurance does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or health status in the administration of the plan, including enrollment and benefit determinations.

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