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This guide can help you compare similar healthcare plans.

Cost is usually a primary factor in determining what health plan to purchase. How do you choose between multiple plans in the same price range? Consider these additional factors when you compare health insurance plans in Wisconsin:

1. Provider Network

How do the health insurance plans compare when it comes to the doctors, specialists and facilities that are in their networks? Some plans may offer the most affordable coverage, but not the doctors or clinics and hospitals you want to use. If you go to out-of-network doctors, you may be liable for some or all of the charges.

This guide can help you compare similar WI healthcare plans in the same price range.

When you compare plans, it’s very important to know what is in the insurance company’s network and if it meets your needs. For example, Quartz Health Insurance offers guaranteed access to UW Health's 1,300+ physicians and 45 clinical locations – without referrals.

2. Wellness Programs & Discounts

If living a healthy lifestyle is important to you, many health insurance plans offer wellness programs. Compare health plans to find out which plans reimburse you for your health club membership, provide discounts for massages, or even offer reimbursement for buying fresh produce.

3. Quality 

Be sure that the health plan you choose has high quality ratings. The leading organization for health plan quality is the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  For the best quality health plan, choose a health insurance company in Wisconsin that's recognized as not only a local leader of quality, but also a national one.

4. Pregnancy & Childbirth

All qualified health plans have to cover pregnancy and childbirth, but some health insurance plans include benefits that provide information and rewards for the mother during pregnancy and after birth.

5. Additional Coverage 

You may want to look for plans with health management programs that can help you manage health problems like diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, you may want to consider plans that offer coverage for away-from-home care or dental options for additional coverage.

6. Customer Service & Support

Whichever plan you choose, consider the level of customer service and support offered by the plan provider. When you have questions about cost of service or claims, look for health insurance plans that offer fast, friendly and accurate support, whether online or by phone.

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