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Learn which options are typically covered - and which aren’t. 

ACA-compliant healthcare plans in Wisconsin cover birth control if it’s prescribed by a health care provider. In addition, if it is a Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved method, women may pay no co-pay or coinsurance, subject to certain conditions, for the following:

  • Barrier methods like diaphragms and sponges
  • Hormonal methods, such as birth control pills and vaginal rings
  • Implanted devices, including intrauterine devices (IUDs)

Healthcare plans also cover emergency contraception, such as Plan B® and ella®, if they are prescribed by a provider. ACA-compliant healthcare plans are also required to cover sterilization for women.

Learn what birth control is typically covered by healthcare plans in Wisconsin.

However, if you are employed by a religious employer, such as a church, your employer does not have to include birth control coverage in its healthcare plan. Similarly, a non-profit organization, such as a religiously-affiliated university that certifies its religious objections to birth control, or a closely held for-profit entity, can opt out of paying for birth control as part of its benefit plan. Women who work for these types of organizations may receive birth control coverage directly from an insurance plan.

Plans aren’t required to cover:

  • Drugs to induce abortions
  • Vasectomies

For more information about specific contraceptive services your plan covers, check your plan’s materials or ask your employer or benefits administrator.

Healthcare Plans Support Women’s Health

Along with covering birth control, ACA-compliant healthcare plans support women’s health by covering one annual well-woman visit that includes preconception and prenatal care. This coverage is important for women who are considering becoming pregnant, in order to make sure their health is as good as possible to sustain a pregnancy. In addition, pregnant women have access to a range of prenatal services, many at no cost.

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