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Check out our health care plans, how to get care, and the benefits of becoming a member of Quartz here.


We offer Portage, Wisconsin residents access to a health insurance company that offers flexible plan options, health and wellness rewards, and access to UW Health providers. Read on for information about our Portage network options, how to get care and other benefits to becoming a member.

Residents of Portage, Wisconsin can get affordable health insurance with Quartz.

Portage, Wisconsin Health Care Plan Options

As a resident of Portage, you are eligible for our Prime Network plan options. All individual and family health insurance plans provide a set of preventive care services without a copayment, coinsurance or deductible when provided by in-network providers. Browse options in the Prime Network.

As a Quartz member, you can choose the doctor you’d like to see. From physicians to specialists, we have many options in more than 250 UW Health locations.

Quartz Member Benefits 

As a Quartz member in Portage, Wisconsin, you can take advantage of the benefits we offer, including:

  • Fast, friendly, and accurate customer service
  • Health management resources and tools
  • Wellness programs and rewards

Fitness Programs

Our Quartz Well program provides the incentives you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Earn rewards up to $100 per year for working out at a Quartz-approved health clubs right in your neighborhood. Attending approved fitness classes and healthy eating courses also qualify members to earn cash back. Managing your weight, making healthy food choices, and embracing a healthy lifestyle is all within reach!

Alcohol Treatment & Support

If you’re one of the reported 26 percent of Portage area adults with concerns about binge or heavy drinking, we can help you find the treatment you need. From medical testing and behavioral health care to alcohol assessments and other support, we can help get you on the path to wellness. 

Tobacco Cessation Programs

Our tobacco cessation programs help provide the support you need to kick the habit for good. From one-on-one health coaching to a 12-week tobacco cessation course and covered prescription medications designed to help you quit, our members have access to all the tools they need to make a significant life change that can improve their health.

If you’re interested in becoming a Quartz member, begin browsing our Prime Network plans, then use our online services to get a quote right now. You can count on Quartz Benefits Health Insurance Company in Portage, Wisconsin to help you and your family be well.