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Learn more about our health care plans, how to get care, and the benefits of becoming a member here.

Located along the Platte River, Platteville, Wisconsin is the largest city in Grant County. Platteville residents looking for individual and family health care plans are eligible to become members of Quartz Benefits Health Insurance. Read on for information about our Platteville network options, how you can get care close to home and a variety of benefits to becoming a member.

Learn how residents of Platteville, Wisconsin can sign up for health insurance with Quartz.

Platteville, Wisconsin Health Care Plan Options

Residents in Platteville have access to the Quartz One Network. This network provides access to UW Hospital and UW Health providers in 300 locations without a referral. Choose from a gold, silver, bronze, or catastrophic plan based on your needs and budget.

You will have convenient access to doctors, health care facilities and pharmacies just minutes from home. 

Quartz Member Benefits

If you live in Platteville and choose to become a member of Quartz, you are eligible for benefits that promote healthy living, including:

Weight Management

Quartz rewards members for making smarter, healthier choices. With Quartz Well, you could earn up to $100 every year just for attending health classes, working out at approved health clubs, and even signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. One-on-one health coaching and other weight management resources make it easier than ever to control your weight rather than letting it control you.

Perks & Savings

Quartz's Perks and Savings gives you access to members-only discounts at a variety of providers in the Platteville area. Whether you're thinking about signing up for a yoga, Pilates, or martial arts class, or want to schedule a massage therapy or acupuncture appointment, you'll be eligible for exclusive discounts that you can enjoy just by showing your Unity membership card. Taking time out for yourself to regroup and refresh your body and spirit is one of the best ways you can support a healthy lifestyle!

Tobacco Cessation 

We know it's not easy to quit smoking, so we've assembled an arsenal of tobacco cessation resources to make it easier. Signing up for our 12-week tobacco cessation course is a great start and one-on-one health coaching keep you on the right track. You’ll also be eligible to receive coverage for a variety of prescriptions, including Chantix™ that can make it easier than ever to quit.

Choose a fresh start by joining Quartz, one of the nation’s highest-rated health plans in Platteville, Wisconsin. Get started by browsing our plans today. If you need helping choosing the right option for you, contact our dedicated customer service department for help.