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Review different options & scenarios for getting your family covered.

One of the considerations in blending families is getting everyone covered by health insurance. For example, if a single mom with two kids and a single dad with three kids get married, how is everyone covered? Find out the best health insurance options for this, and other common blended family scenarios, below.

Scenario 1: Both parents have insurance through their employers

This is the simplest blended family scenario, and, in this case, they may want to review which employer offers the best coverage and move everyone onto that plan. 

Review different options for getting health insurance coverage for your blended family.

Scenario 2: One of the parents has health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and receives subsidies and the other parent is covered through an employer 

In this case, the couple has to review whether the employer coverage provides minimum value and is affordable according to the rules of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). If they determine that the employer coverage is not affordable, then the whole family may be able to get a health insurance plan that includes subsidies. 

Scenario 3:  The mother’s children are covered by their biological father’s insurance and vice-versa 

In this case, the mother can move onto her new husband's plan and the children can remain on their biological father’s plan, unless a court order states otherwise. 

Scenario 4:  The children are covered by two health plans 

In this case, one plan must be designated as primary and the other as secondary. If this is not clearly sorted out, any claim payments may be delayed until this determination is made. 

Scenario 5: The parents each have their own family plans that cover both them and their biological children 

If all blended family members want to get on one health insurance plan, it must be done within 60 days of the wedding (during the “Special Enrollment Period” triggered by the marriage) or during Open Enrollment.

It may sound complicated, but Quartz can help simplify getting health insurance for blended families in Wisconsin. Take a look at our family health plans or give us a call at 800.362.3310. Our knowledgeable and accurate customer service representatives are glad to help!