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We offer flexible health care plans, access to UW Health doctors, and all kinds of member benefits.

Fitchburg, Wisconsin is a growing city with both rural and a mix of suburban neighborhoods that border Madison. As a health insurance company in Wisconsin, we help Fitchburg residents access care that promotes good health.

Learn more about our Fitchburg health insurance network options, how to get care and other benefits to becoming a member.

Learn how residents of Fitchburg, Wisconsin can sign up for health insurance with Quartz.

Fitchburg, Wisconsin Health Care Plan Options

Do you live in Fitchburg? You can become a member of our Quartz Prime Network that offers direct access to 1,400 UW Health physicians and specialists, pediatric specialists at American Family Children’s Hospital, and more. Use our Find a Doctor tool to locate specialists and facilities near you.

Quartz Member Benefits 

As a member of Quartz, you can begin enjoying the benefits of being well, including:

  • Health management programs
  • Discounts on health clubs, spas, and more
  • Access to UW doctors
  • Fast, friendly, and accurate local customer service

Quartz Well Fitness Program 

If you need some motivation to jump-start or re-start your fitness routine, Quartz Well help. By taking health and wellness classes, signing up for a CSA program, working out at an approved health club, and enrolling in approved weight loss programs like Weight Watchers® and DIET FREE, you could earn up to $100 each year.

Alcohol Abuse Services

Seeking treatment for excessive alcohol use includes a variety of behavioral health services and support. We also provide additional programs to treat anxiety, ADHD, depression, and stress. Maintaining your emotional wellness while seeking alcohol treatment is key to ensuring a happy and productive life.

Tobacco Cessation Programs

We provide many health resources to help you quit smoking. Combine your 12-week tobacco cessation program with health coaching, fitness rewards, and weight management tools for a comprehensive plan to feel healthier.

We want to be your choice for a health insurance company in Fitchburg, Wisconsin. Questions? Let us know how we can help.