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Not having maternity coverage can be expensive. 

Did you know that it’s possible to have health insurance without maternity coverage?  If you’ve been on the same plan for more than five years, your health insurance may not include maternity coverage. If you’re planning to get pregnant, be sure to check your benefits. All ACA-compliant plans are required to include maternity coverage. Not having maternity insurance coverage can be very expensive.
Learn about the costs associated with not having maternity health insurance coverage in Wisconsin.
  • Prenatal care for a normal pregnancy costs about $2,000. This figure includes about 12 doctors' visits at $100 to $200 each, as well as routine blood tests, urinalysis and at least one ultrasound – usually done at about 20 weeks. This doesn’t include the cost of prenatal vitamins – about $0.30 per day, for a total of about $84. If your doctor thinks you need additional tests or screenings, some of these can run up to $1000 per test, depending on what is ordered.
  • Normal delivery costs vary, depending on where you live. The average cost for a normal delivery in the hospital ranges from $9,000 – $17,000. If you have health insurance with maternity coverage, the cost you are responsible for may range from several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on your coverage.
  • The typical cost for a Cesarean delivery (C-section) without complications or a vaginal delivery with complications ranges from about $14,000 to $25,000 or more.
  • Newborn care can be costly. Usually, the baby receives a separate bill, which typically ranges from $1,500 to $4,000 for a healthy baby delivered at term. For a premature baby with complications who has to spend weeks in a neonatal intensive care unit, this bill can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

What can you do if you don’t have maternity insurance coverage?

If you’re planning to become pregnant, start shopping for ACA-compliant plans that have the maternity coverage you want with the doctors and hospitals you wish to visit during your pregnancy. You won’t be able to buy this insurance any time – you’ll need to wait for open enrollment.

If you’ve looked at health insurance and think it’s too expensive, chances are that having insurance is a lot cheaper than not having insurance – especially if you experience complications throughout your pregnancy. It’s good to know that even if you’re pregnant, you can’t be denied coverage for your maternity care.

If you’re already pregnant and don’t have health insurance with maternity coverage, you won’t be able to get coverage until the baby is born (unless you’re eligible for BadgerCare Plus). If you aren’t eligible for BadgerCare Plus, the birth of a child means that you are eligible for a Special Enrollment Period and you will be eligible to buy health insurance if you enroll up to 60 days after the birth. This, however, does not mean that your health insurance provider will cover the expenses for your recent pregnancy and birth.

This still leaves you with no insurance for prenatal care and delivery. However, you may qualify for prenatal services, and a good place to check is the Public Health Information & Referral Services for Women, Children and Families.

Need more information about signing up for maternity health insurance? Get a quote for health insurance with maternity coverage in Wisconsin, or talk to a knowledgeable and helpful customer service representative at 800.362.3310.