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Find out which factors impact the cost of coverage.

The average cost of health insurance varies. It is based on:

  • your age
  • where you live in Wisconsin and
  • whether or not you use tobacco\

You can’t be charged more based on your sex or your health condition. This stands true unless you use tobacco. Then you can be charged up to 50% more for coverage. 

The average cost of health insurance in Wisconsin depends on a few factors.

Of course, a premium is only one part of the cost of health insurance. Generally, the lower the premium, the higher the out-of-pocket costs when you receive care.

If you choose a plan with a low premium and a higher out-of-pocket cost, you should know what you may be charged if you need hospital services or clinic services. If you need to use the emergency room, for example, your average cost of health insurance can increase dramatically.

In other words, the cost of health insurance varies widely depending on how much you use health care services.

It’s good to consider the average cost of health insurance in light of the benefit of having access to the doctors, hospitals and wellness programs that Quartz offers its members. Your health is well worth the investment.

Reach out to our friendly customer service team today for help finding affordable coverage that fits your unique situation.