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Six tips to find the right plan for you.

If you’ve survived a serious illness, you know that maintaining your health is priority #1. Finding an affordable health care plan that supports your continuing health care needs can be daunting. 

It’s important to know that because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance plans in Wisconsin can no longer refuse to accept you due to pre-existing conditions or charge you more for coverage. ACA-compliant plans also can’t limit the amount they will pay for a patient’s care over a year or the person’s lifetime. That helps make having a health care plan more affordable for those who have survived a serious illness.

Find out how to get an affordable health care plan as a survivor of a serious illness.

When shopping for an affordable health plan, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind: 

1. ACA compliance 

Check if your plan is ACA compliant. This will ensure your plan covers all 10 essential health benefits. 

2. Network coverage 

See if the health care plan network includes the doctors, specialists, clinics and hospitals that help you manage any continuing needs. 

3. Formulary 

If you have ongoing needs, such as prescriptions, check the plan’s formulary to see what level your prescriptions are covered at. You may also want to consider whether the plan offers programs to help with your drug therapy, such as Quartz’s Specialty Pharmaceuticals program

4. Health management programs 

Check to see if the insurance plan offers health management programs. Health management programs can include health appointment planning, health coaching, emotional wellness support and help with medication adherence. At Quartz, health management programs are included with all health care plans. 

5. Wellness programs 

Does the plan offer wellness programs? Wellness programs can offer more than a free gym membership. It’s important to learn whether a health care plan offers reimbursements for health education classes, complementary health services, massages and more.

6. Cost 

if you know you will be using a lot of health care services, it may make sense to consider the affordability of a higher-level health plan that covers more of the cost when you use services. The premium may be higher, but your health care expenditures will fluctuate less throughout the year. 

Reach out to our dedicated and friendly customer service team today to start looking for a health care plan in Wisconsin that works for you.