Provider Communicator Winter 2018
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We are excited about our expansion into northern Illinois. In addition to the self-funded plans we’ve offered for several years, we’ve added large group, small group and individual products in the counties of Boone, Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago, effective for the 2019 plan year. We are also expanding our Senior Preferred (HMO) Medicare Advantage health plans to Winnebago County.

Partners Health Center
Rockford, Illinois

One of the most exciting aspects of our expansion is the development of our relationship with SwedishAmerican, a division of UW Health. "Swedes," as it is commonly known, has served northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin for more than a century.

SwedishAmerican’s relationship with UW Health makes it possible for dozens of UW Health specialists to treat patients locally in Rockford every day. A market leader with a reputation for personalized, high-quality health care, Swedes also offers –

  • Two hospitals and 30 clinics
  • The only heart hospital in the region
  • The largest regional cancer center
  • Primary care, immediate care and multi-specialty clinics
  • Outpatient, wellness and education programs

With this expansion comes the Quartz Performance Plus Network that offers members innovative ways to access quality health care, including –

  • When a member chooses the Performance Plus network option, they have access to the SwedishAmerican Partners Health Center, a new standard for patient-centered care.
  • When a member chooses the SwedishAmerican Partners Health Center as their primary care provider and medical home, they will receive all services at this clinic, including lab work and X-rays, with no copayment or cost-sharing.

Swedes’ mission, “Through excellence in health care and compassionate service we care for our community” makes them a natural Quartz partner. We’re excited for the future of healthcare in northern Illinois.