Provider Communicator Winter 2018
This is a newsletter article. The information may not be up-to-date. If you have questions, please contact your Provider Coordinator.

Effective January 1, 2019, Quartz will change the Coordination of Benefits claims process for members with more than one Quartz policy.

Previously, Quartz would receive the primary Quartz claim from the provider and process that claim. Then Quartz would copy that primary claim and process the secondary Quartz claim for that member. Beginning in January 2019, this process will be split into two phases because Quartz will no longer copy the primary Quartz claim to process the secondary claim.

Instead, Quartz will process only the primary Quartz claim. In order to be paid for the secondary claim, the provider will wait until the primary claim remit is received. At that point, the provider can submit the secondary Quartz claim to Quartz.

To make sure processing goes smoothly, please follow this process –

  1. Send Quartz the primary member ID. Do not include primary payor amounts on the primary claim.
  2. After you receive the remit, send Quartz the secondary member ID. Include the primary payor amounts on the secondary claim.

We greatly appreciate your attention to this change in our claims process.