Spring 2018 Provider Communicator Newsletter
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And Palliative Care Training Update

Advance Care Planning (ACP) and / or palliative care consultations are conversations offered to any person over age 18 to record basic preferences for care and to identify a health care agent in the event that the individual loses decision-making capacity. This service improves shared decision-making between the physician and patients diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Reminder: Completion of the ACP training certification requirement has not been a credentialing requirement by Quartz since February 1, 2017.

Clinicians interested in additional ACP training have access to a range of options. Physicians who are members of the Wisconsin Medical Society or members of an organization that participates in Honoring Choices Wisconsin (HCW) are eligible for the lower member price.

Clinical training and guidance:

HCW trains participating organizations to build strong advance care planning systems in clinical settings. To date, 30 state health care organizations have completed the training. Participants begin with a small-scale, six-month trial implementation and use the lessons learned to facilitate the approach throughout the organization.

The concepts, methodologies, training systems and materials are based on Respecting Choices® First Steps®, a pioneering program in advance care planning based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Respecting Choices® faculty provides training and consultation from the first days of implementation through sustainability.

More information ​is available on the HCW website.