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When you Choose Self-Funded, Choose Quartz.

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You’ve made the decision to self-fund your health insurance. Now, choose the right administrative partner to maximize your investment and support your employees with comprehensive health and wellness benefits: Quartz.

High-Quality Provider Networks

Self-funded Networks

Extensive Services


Collaborative Approach


Quartz is a Midwestern health plan management and administrative services company committed to creating innovative approaches to wellness, prevention and community well-being. Our mission is to help businesses thrive. Through Quartz’s self-funded options, we’ll help you manage your plan to achieve a "just right" balance of control and flexibility.

Quartz plans feature a high-quality provider network, extensive services and a collaborative approach to health coverage that pays off in terms of the improved health and well-being of your employees.

A Quartz representative can recommend the right solution for your business, contact us at (877) 849-1029.

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