Beginning January 1, 2019, Quartz will not automatically issue new ID cards at a group’s renewal.

Instead, subscribers will receive a renewal letter approximately 15 days before the renewal date (even if we have not received signed renewal documents from the group). Members can print new ID cards if needed at any time through their online MyChart portal.

New ID cards will be issued automatically for these enrollment-related events –

  • New coverage created
  • Member PCP added, changed or removed
  • Dependent added to the coverage
  • Subscriber / member name changed
  • Subscriber / member insurance ID changed
  • Member coverage status changed
  • Manual request from the employer group
  • Transfer coverage

New ID cards will also be issued for certain changes at the group level –

  • New group number
  • Change in group size (From Small Group to Large Group or Large Group to Small Group) 
  • New tax ID number
  • The group is changing networks (e.g., changing from Elite to Prime)

ID cards will not be generated for the following reasons –

  • Coverage effective date or term date changed
  • Member effective date or term date changed
  • Member SSN changed
  • Address changed
  • Dependent terminated from the coverage