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Q. Is there a new Quartz commission schedule?

A. No, Quartz does not have its own commission schedule.

Instead, each underwriting company license has its own commission schedule. A group whose plan is on the Unity Health Insurance license follows the Unity commission schedule, a group on the Physicians Plus Insurance license follows the Physicians Plus commission schedule and a group on the Gundersen Health Plan license follows the Gundersen commission schedule. The same holds true for all other plans, including individual and Medicare — there is a unique commission schedule for each license.

Q. As a follow-up question, does my plan (Unity, Physicians Plus or Gundersen) have a new 2018 commission schedule?

A. No, at this time there are no changes to the commission schedules for 2018.

A new commission schedule is only sent out if there are changes, so please reference the 2017 version.

Q. If I enroll a member with Quartz with a special enrollment period (SEP), do I get paid commission on that enrollment?

A. Yes, we pay the same commission to agents regardless if the enrollment is a SEP or during Open Enrollment.


Q. Why do Health Savings Account (HSA) plans have two separate group numbers?

A. One group number is for the employee only (Single Plan) and one is for the employee plus one or more family member(s) (Family Plan).

​Quartz Small Group plans have aggregate deductibles, meaning one member on the Family Plan could go beyond his / her individual deductible and into the family deductible.