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You may have seen or heard recent Quartz ads that end with the tagline, “Health plans created with you in mind.” These seven simple words are the heart of what Quartz is as a company— completely focused on members’ needs and helping them create a life of health and wellness.

These words are also the reason why we regularly survey all of our customer groups (members, agents, employer groups and practitioners): to improve our service delivery.

Here’s how to get involved

Quartz emails surveys to agents twice a year that contain two simple questions and take less than a minute to complete. The email comes from SurveyMonkey with the address Your feedback goes a long way to helping us understand what you expect from a health plan.

The next round of agent surveys is scheduled for April 2019. If you’re randomly selected, we hope you’ll take a moment to respond— your participation is optional, but truly appreciated! Visit to see how we’re doing.