Out-of-Area Dependent Rider for Large Groups

We have good news regarding coverage for Quartz members who have a child or grandchild on their plan who lives elsewhere for several months. If the dependent child or grandchild is outside of Quartz’s service area for more than three months per year, they can visit a nearby doctor for an office visit under the same coverage as if they were in-network. Please note –

  • Quartz has to provide prior authorization before they see a doctor. Members need to call (888) 829-5687 to authorize services.
  • Services other than a doctor’s office visit, like outpatient surgery, non-emergency hospitalizations, etc., require the dependent to return to the Quartz service area for care.
  • Is only available on large group HMO plans in Wisconsin offered by Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation.
  • The large group must have this rider on their plan before this benefit can be utilized; they can add it upon renewal.