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Eighty percent of health care spending in the U.S. is tied to the treatment of chronic health conditions. These conditions are rooted in poor lifestyle choices. Many people don’t know how to stick with making lifestyle changes that can improve their long-term health. Health coaching works one-on-one with employees to discover their motivations for wanting to make and sustain healthy behavioral changes. 

For benefit information, have your employee call Quartz Customer Service at (800) 362-3310.

  • Quartz Health Coaching:At Quartz, we approach health and well-being from a whole-person viewpoint. Employees begin their health coaching journey with a professionally trained coach. With their coach, employees review their reasons for wanting to make a change and assess their readiness to change. Their health coach helps them develop a wellness vision and create personalized health goals. They have up to six private follow-up calls. These take place every two to four weeks. Quartz Health Coaches offer flexible scheduling, working with participants to schedule sessions that best meet their needs, including appointments in the early mornings and early evenings upon request.
  • Health Coach Bios: You can review the bios of our health coaches.

We offer engaging presentations on this topic. Most are 30-45 minutes. They may be modified to meet the needs of your group. A cost may be associated with some programs.

Some are offered face-to-face at your workplace. Others are video presentations. We can also offer these presentations to your staff remotely.

Review the Toolkit Presentation Catalog to see if any meet your needs.

To schedule a presentation, call (800) 926-8227.

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  • Email Blast – to communicate the health coaching benefit to your eligible employees. 

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