How Quartz Helps Reduce Health Disparities

  • February 15, 2021
  • |Quartz
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Does the color of your skin or the language you speak impact your health care? It can. Health insurance companies have an important role to play in efforts to address health disparities in our communities.

A health disparity is a higher burden of illness, injury, disability, or mortality that one group has compared to another. There is a disparity – or difference – between how groups are affected. Disparities occur across many groupings, including:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Age and gender
  • Disability status
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Geographic location (rural and urban)

As a health plan, we’re committed to providing fair and equitable access to health care. Our health disparities workgroup is focused on identifying the gaps that can lead to health disparities. Part of this effort involves improving the collection and use of data. We know data helps us target resources to engage all members in achieving their best health.

How we’re helping right now: Health Insurance 101 in three languages

Health insurance can be complicated. One way to reduce health disparities is to increase understanding through diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. The popular Quartz Health Insurance 101 presentations, available in English, Hmong, and Spanish, are helping to simplify health insurance.

  • Health Insurance 101 explains health insurance and related terms. What is a copay? What is coinsurance?
  • How do you know what’s covered? Members gain the confidence they need to use their health plan. This enables them to make the most of their coverage.

Health Insurance 101 presentations are available online.


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