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  • October 02, 2020
  • |Yuly Osorio
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Quartz’s mission is to provide outstanding experiences and access to innovative, high-quality and affordably priced health plans to all. We are embedding Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as part of our strategic plan based on its core values Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships. The company’s strong foundation ensures that services and products always have members in the center of everything Quartz does. That is the reason why, Pedro Dominguez, Business Analyst at Quartz’s Operations Department, is leading Quartz Insurance 101 initiative. I asked a few questions to Pedro Dominguez to better understand Quartz Insurance 101.

Q. What is the objective of Insurance 101?

A.  Our goal is to educate communities of color and other ethnicities about health insurance literacy to help them navigate how health insurance works in the U.S., basic terminology, and who to contact if they have health insurance questions. We aim to deliver the presentation as culturally appropriate as possible.

Q. What are the key benefits of this initiative for the Hispanic and Latinx communities?

A. In my opinion, one of the key benefits is instilling confidence in individuals to take the next step to understand how health insurance works. For example, in October of 2018, I worked with Natalia Hildner of Rape Crisis Center in Madison to deliver a presentation to Hispanic members of the community. After the presentation I had a few individuals ask me for my office phone number to call and ask questions regarding their specific Quartz health insurance plan. I listened to them, gave very general information, and explained I would give them our Customer Service phone number and they could call between business hours, someone who speaks Spanish could help answer their questions.

Q. What obstacles is the Hispanic/Latinx community facing to get health coverage and care?

A. This is a good question, I think there may be factors that apply to some but not all individuals. For example, my Dad (who is Hispanic) is in his early fifties has said to me he is reluctant to call the local clinic because of language barriers. He somewhat feels intimidated by picking up the phone and having to answer questions in English regarding his health and insurance. 

Q. How is Quartz helping to provide resources to this community?

A. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, three months ago Diego Campoverde and I partnered with Lourdes Godinez at Centro Hispano of Dane County to deliver a virtual Health Insurance 101. We were able to provide resources to the community regarding COVID-19.

Q. How our community organizations could partner with Insurance 101? 

A. We would love to partner with more community organizations. The first step is emailing myself or Diego Campoverde to talk about the logistics. In the past, we’ve partnered with organizations like Rape Crisis Center, Centro Hispano, and Latino Academy of Workforce Development. In addition, we have the Insurance 101 video in English, Spanish and Hmong to support and facilitate partnership with community organizations in our service areas.



Health Insurance 101 

Quartz Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Page


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