Quartz Advances in Gender Equality

  • September 11, 2020
  • |Yuly Osorio
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Quartz has implemented initiatives in areas of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DE&I) to foster change to provide better services to members. Quartz's objective is to create a culture with clear strategies to guarantee equal opportunities for its employees and members especially in the area of gender diversity. These strategies are put in place to provide leadership opportunities and better health care plans for women. To learn more about Quartz’s culture and innovative initiatives to address gender equality, I asked some key questions to Kimila Daniels, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Quartz.  


Q. How does Quartz promote and develop strategies to create gender equality?

A. We have a very robust DE&I program. At Quartz, our commitment is to inclusion. We have several employee resource groups. The first resource group launched at Quartz was “Women United” and the group is comprised of roughly 80 associates. I co-sponsor the very active group along with another female executive. The group brings women together, provides a forum for networking, growth, and volunteer opportunities. It generates new ideas and ways to support women at Quartz.

Quartz has taken intentional steps to ensure gender equality in our workforce through our DE&I strategy, which has led to our long-term success for gender equality. We have and continue to be intentional in our hiring and promotional practices. At Quartz 72% of our workforce is female, women make up 72% of our managers, 52% of our directors, and 50% of our executive leadership team.  

Q. What key strategies have been implemented to reduce the gap in gender equality?

A. Quartz sees the value in creating and sustaining an environment where diverse talent, including women, can thrive in all functions, in all roles and at all levels, including leadership. To make this a reality, we view everything through our equity lens model to drive meaningful change. The model:

  • Establishes an inclusive workplace environment             
  • Collaborates with community stakeholders to enhance diversity awareness within the company, as well as within the greater community       
  • Defines and measures metrics to show the impact of our actions 

We have evaluated our policies, processes, and cultural norms. We have reviewed them with our equity lens model in mind to ensure they are consistent with what is needed to attract, develop, promote, and retain top talent, including women. This review includes benefit offerings and employment policies such as:

  • Part-time employment while maintaining benefits coverage                                         
  • Flexible schedules                                                               
  • Telecommuting opportunities                                           
  • Generous paid time off policy                                               
  • Employer-paid short-term and long-term disability coverage to support maternity/paternity leaves 

Quartz is reviewing its recruitment and development strategies to strengthen the diversity of our candidate slates at all levels. We’ve implemented targeted diversity and inclusion training, which is required of all staff. We offer formal and informal mentorship programs, which is key to providing guidance and coaching to give direction and advice to assist in solving problems and navigating Quartz culture. And, Quartz regularly reviews its compensation programs to ensure internal equity across the organization and market competitiveness to attract and retain top talent. Each Quartz employee has an Individual Development Plan and associated developmental budget to prepare employees for growth.

Q. How are the results from these strategies monitored and communicated?

A. We share our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals with the Board of Directors, leadership, and the broader workforce. Human Resources maintains a Human Capital Dashboard, which tracks key employee metrics, including but not limited to recruiting, turnover, promotions, and recognition. This dashboard is shared with the Board of Directors, leadership, and the entire workforce.

Q. How is Quartz making the equality plan an effective tool in cultural change?

A. The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy is embedded in our Compete and Win Strategic Plan within the Culture, Communication, and Talent foundation.

Q. How are these changes in the company’s culture reflected in the services Quartz provides its members? 

A. Quartz’s culture of inclusivity enables us to meet the needs of all our members and communities we serve. It positively impacts how we handle member calls and outreach, enrollment, as well as the products we offer. It ultimately makes Quartz more accessible. 

Q. As an executive, what is your commitment to gender equality, and what can each of us do to be champions for equality?   

A. I am fully committed to not only gender equality, but Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I believe that everyone benefits from gender equality and inclusivity. It helps make our communities safer and healthier. Here are a few ways we can all champion equality:                                   

  • Staff should uphold Quartz 3R values                                    
    • Respect. Create an environment where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity                                   
    • Relationships. Commit to building strong relationships     
    • Responsibility. Hold yourself and each other accountable
  • Support mothers and parents. Parents of children and teens need the support of their community, employer, family, and friends.                                                               
  • Listen and consider. One of the main obstacles to eliminating inequality is that people have difficulty recognizing that exists. Research has proven that we all have reproductive stereotypes and pre-existing notions on many topics, including gender and race.                                                                                                                                 
  • Zero tolerance for harassment and racism. Everyone deserves a safe space to live and work.


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