Women at Quartz narrow the gap to reduce gender disparities and inequality

  • April 02, 2020
  • |Yuly Osorio
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Quartz BadgerCare Plus Team
Around the world the fight for women’s rights continues, and one of the most critical is women’s health care. Quartz builds comprehensive health plans with its members in mind and the foundation of its culture is based in diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Quartz’s women champions provide exceptional outreach services to women members and they also work tirelessly to meet diverse community health needs.

One of the fiercest advocates for members is Carola Gaines, Badger Care Plus Community Liaison Manager. Gaines shares some insights on how Quartz works to reduce gender disparities and inequality.

Q. What is Quartz doing to reduce gender disparities and inequality in health plans?

Gaines. Quartz’s leadership understands the importance of improving all communities’ health, and how helping to reduce the health disparities and inequalities in the communities of color creates sustainable healthy communities. 

Quartz established the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion department as the core of the company’s culture, for both members and the workforce. Also, Quartz invests in the professional development of its diverse workforce by providing opportunities, support, and training.  

Quartz also supports and funds community initiatives and events, and partners with other health organizations that support Quartz’s efforts.

Q. What services do health plans and teams provide that promote women’s health?

Gaines. Quartz created a strong foundation by partnering with important health organizations that represent the voice of our communities of color. The company recognizes the health issues and needs that marginalized communities are facing and work constantly to bring solutions those issues.

Those partnerships and Quartz’s vision allow us to build a bridge between the member and the provider. We make a difference when we:

  • Provide interpreters to understand what providers are saying
  • Advocate for the members’ health needs
  • Work with women and children to help them navigate the health care system
  • Provide prenatal and children’s health programs
  • Improve health prevention for all our members
  • Represent the member when they feel they are not being heard or receiving the care they need
  • Strengthen relationships with the community in the 100% poverty level
  • Help by making items available like diapers, food, clothes for newborn, cribs
  • Help make appointments for both preventive and health treatments
  • Explain their available resources like access, transportation, affordable and clean housing

“I must keep going because there is so much work yet to be done and I want to be part of that change” ― Carola Gaines

Q. How do you describe your team?

Gaines. Incredible resourceful, hardworking, able to help the member find solutions for themselves. They empower the members and that empowers us to work with them and keep working. They are passionate about their work.

Q. What motivates you every morning?

Gaines. I must keep going because there is so much work yet to be done and I want to be part of that change.



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