New Restrictions Around Prescription Opioids

  • August 03, 2018
  • |Quartz
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Read more to learn about the drug supply process for new Quartz members.

Quartz is committed to helping reduce the inappropriate use of prescription opioids. To help curb opioid addiction and overdose deaths, the following restrictions will soon be in place to limit –

  • The number of days’ supply that can be filled for opioid naïve members (i.e., members who are not currently using opioids)
  • The dose of opioids that can be received by members
  • The use of opioids in combination with other medications that may be inappropriate or may increase the risk of overdose

Exceptions can be granted for members with certain conditions (i.e., hospice status, cancer-related pain, etc.) or when members are being closely monitored by their doctor. For more details on these restrictions, visit


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