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  • April 10, 2018
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Quartz Well is an easy-to-use program that encourages healthy choices by offering points for a variety of activities and services.

Is about What's Added to Your Life, Not Subtracted from the Scale

This spring, focus on what’s added to your life, not subtracted. Our new Quartz Well program helps you do just that by offering points for a variety of activities and services. From new fitness activities to your yearly flu shot, you develop healthy habits that add to your quality of life, as well as your Quartz Well points-based rewards!

Some of the Quartz Well program features include –

  • Points for syncing tracking devices or a mobile app
  • A convenient digital platform that makes it easy to create and track health goals
  • Points can be redeemed and used for purchases on Amazon.com

Subscribers age 18 and older can earn $100 for single plans. Family plans offer $100 for the subscriber and $100 for the subscriber’s spouse (or domestic partner, if your plan includes domestic partner benefits).1,2

Not Sure How to Sync Your Device?

Did you know you can boost your points balance simply by syncing your device with the Quartz Well portal?

Not sure how? Follow these steps to get synced to add your points!
  1. Click the Apps & Devices button on the Quartz Well wellness portal through your MyChart account.
  2. Choose a device under “Add” and click “Connect.”
  3. Allow the Quartz Well wellness portal to access your profile and data from your device.
  4. Your connected devices and apps will now display on the right side of the Applications and Devices page on the Quartz Well portal.

You can find more information on the Quartz Well program features and points system at QuartzBenefits.com/well.

You can also view a brief video with instructions on how to get started and get your points. Visit QuartzBenefits.com/welldemo and start today!

1. The Quartz Well reward program is not available to State of Wisconsin Group Health Insurance Program members.

2. The Quartz Well reward program is not available to members of health plans underwritten by Gundersen Health Plan, Inc., or Gundersen Health Plan Minnesota.

Your health plan is committed to helping you achieve your best health. Rewards for participating in a wellness program are available to members age 18 and older. If you think you might be unable to meet a standard for a reward under this wellness program, you might qualify for an opportunity to earn the same reward by different means. Contact us at (800) 362-3310 and we will work with you (and if you wish, your doctor) to find a wellness program with the same reward that is right for you in light of your health status. 


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