Considerations for Multi-Generational Families Seeking Health Care Insurance Quotes

  • September 13, 2016
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Multi-generational families looking for health care insurance quotes in Madison, WI should consider these important things.

Getting healthcare insurance quotes for a typical family in Wisconsin is easy, but what do you have to consider when you have a more complicated family situation? Can you have both your parents and your kids on your family plan? What about an aunt or an uncle who lives with you? Can a health care insurance quote include them as well?

The rule of thumb is if you claim someone as a tax dependent, you can include them on your policy as long as your policy allows it. You will need to check with your health insurance company to see who can be covered.

According to the IRS, these are a few of the criteria to review related to tax dependents –

  • You cannot claim someone as a dependent if you are claimed as a dependent by someone else on their tax return
  • The person must be a Qualified Relative – this includes aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews and grandparents and some others
  • The person's gross income for 2016 must be less than $4,000
  • You must provide more than half of the person's total support for the year1

If the people in your household (or dependents living elsewhere) can be included on your insurance quote and enrolled as a dependent on your plan, it’s important to know a few things –

  • You will not be able to view the medical records of dependents over 12 in many health plans unless authorized by the dependent
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOBs) will be sent to your covered relative, not to you, when claims are made

You can get healthcare insurance quotes for a relative any time. You can help them enroll on their own individual plan if you are designated as an authorized representative on the insurance application.

Providing health care insurance for your family is very important, from quote to enrollment.  Explore your options and get quotes for a variety of healthcare insurance plans in Wisconsin from Unity. If you need help with a complicated situation, our knowledgeable, friendly and accurate customer service representatives are available – call 800.362.3310.



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