Free Services Included in All Medical Insurance Plans for Individuals in Wisconsin

  • September 13, 2016
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Here are 4 myths about low deductible health insurance in Madison, Wisconsin.

According to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ACA-compliant medical insurance plans for individuals (adult or child) in Wisconsin must cover certain preventive medical services without charging a copay or coinsurance even if you haven't met your deductible. These medical services are focused on preventive care and include –

  • Immunizations for children and adults
  • Many types of screenings for adults and children at certain ages or with certain conditions, such as colorectal cancer screening for adults older than 50 and lead tests for children at high risk
  • Tobacco use screening and interventions (including certain prescribed medications)
  • Mammograms for women over 40
  • FDA-approved contraception methods
  • Diet counseling for adults at high risk for chronic disease
  • Free blood pressure screening for all adults

All ACA-compliant medical insurance plans in Wisconsin provide the same comprehensive set of preventive care services for individuals and families. However, to make sure you are not charged, pay attention to the following –

  • Make sure you are seeing a network doctor listed on your individual medical insurance plan’s network, otherwise, you may be charged for services
  • If you're looking to pay nothing for your visit, make sure you keep your visit to the doctor limited to preventive care.  For example, if you go in for a free blood pressure check and ask the doctor about a different medical problem, you will be charged for the services related to the different problem

Some insurance companies also provide other freebies to members. Your medical insurance plan may reimburse you or provide free or affordable services, such as –

  • Health education programs (i.e. classes about CPR, healthy eating and more) – Your medical insurance plan may reimburse individuals or families for attending approved classes
  • Health management programs for help with managing chronic health conditions
  • Wellness programs – For example, Unity offers Fitness FirstSM & More that pays families up to $200 per year for participating in healthy activities
  • Weight management programs – Some medical insurance plans offer reimbursement for participating in weight management programs. For example, Unity offers up to $200 per year for individuals or families who participate in Weight Watchers®
  • Free flu shots – Your plan may offer a free flu shot every year for members who qualify

Now that you know what free services to look for, it's time to find a plan. You can find medical insurance plans for individuals in Wisconsin that include a variety of free and fully covered services. If you would like to learn more about preventive medical services, contact Unity Health Insurance at 800.362.3310 to learn how you can access these important benefits.


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