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Coming to Quartz 2024

Quartz is excited to collaborate with Optum Rx*, one of the market’s most advanced pharmacy benefit managers, to offer our members QuartzRx, a new Pharmacy Benefit Manger (PBM) solution. This collaboration will provide our members with more robust and enhanced pharmacy benefit capabilities for a personalized, streamlined, and cost-effective member experience.

Beginning January 1, 2024, members with a Quartz plan that includes drug coverage will be able to: 

· Enjoy comprehensive and user-friendly search tools anytime and anywhere
· Personalize your digital experience to have your medications, claims, and orders at your fingertips
· Review medication costs and find drug pricing options
· See details on medications, such as side effects and precautions
· Locate pharmacies in your network and their hours and contact information
· Discover prescription delivery options

Next steps

After January 1, 2024, you can use the QuartzRx member portal to check your prescriptions, delivery options, possible copays, and access the features listed above. You can also download the QuartzRx mobile app to access your pharmacy benefits within a mobile app experience. All impacted members will receive information from Quartz and Optum Rx about how to access QuartzRx and create your account. Please keep an eye out for your new member ID card with updated pharmacy information and other items in the mail with additional information about QuartzRx.

If you have questions about your pharmacy coverage for 2024, please contact Customer Success at (800) 362-3310 for help.



Common pharmacy questions

For the most accurate information, Quartz members with a Quartz MyChart account can access QuartzRx and view all your pharmacy benefit details through your Quartz MyChart account. This will be the best option for members on a Commercial, Individual and Family, or Quartz Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan. Just visit, sign in to your account and click “Pharmacy Benefits” under “Quartz Resources” to access the QuartzRx member portal. The first time you log in, you’ll see a HealthSafe ID screen where you will set up your QuartzRx account using your member ID. You can find this on your ID card. After you create your account, you’ll be automatically signed in to QuartzRx via MyChart.

After 1/1/2024, QuartzAlign members can visit and sign in to your MyCreateHealth Account for more information. From there click Pharmacy Benefit Information to be directed to the QuartzRx member portal. You'll see a HealthSafe ID screen where you will set up your QuartzRx account using your Quartz Align member ID. You can find this on your ID card.

Prior to 1/1/24, you can get a preview of the pharmacy benefit and network details available with 2024 Quartz plans. Just follow the links below on this page which are listed by plan type. If you are unsure what plan you have or will have, please contact Quartz Customer Success to ensure you access the most correct information.

No, not all Quartz Health Plans include drug coverage. If you are unsure about your plan, please contact Customer Success.

The drug formulary is a list of safe, effective, and cost-effective drugs that are eligible for coverage. Not all prescription drugs are covered, so make sure to check the formulary when you receive a prescription.

Optum Rx is a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) that will work with Quartz to administer pharmacy benefits.

QuartzRx is the digital pharmacy benefit tool that is available to members with a Quartz plan that includes drug coverage. Eligible members can access both the QuartzRx member portal and QuartzRx mobile app to easily manage their medications.

You can view your plan’s network, find a local pharmacy, and confirm that your current pharmacy is in-network using the Pharmacy Network tool at the following links:

Employer, Individual/Family, and Quartz Align Plans:

Medicare Advantage:

Learn more:

If you are not yet a Quartz member and are interested in viewing plan formularies, finding a network pharmacy, or other plan information, please use the below links. Current members can also utilize these tools to preview your 2024 coverage prior to 1/1/2024.

Employer Individual/Family and Quartz Align Plans access:

Medicare Advantage access:

If you do not have a Quartz MyChart account and wish to log into QuartzRx, you may do so on or after 1/1/2024 using by downloading the QuartzRx mobile app or by visiting and creating an account through that page.

*Not all Quartz Health Plans have drug coverage. If you are unsure, please contact Customer Success at (800) 362-3310.

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