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Quartz offers several Individual and Family plans in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. Choose the plan that is right for you!

Is an Individual and Family plan right for me?

Don’t have employer-sponsored health insurance? Self-employed? Retired but not yet qualified for Medicare? Quartz provides a variety of options to help you and your family find coverage for however long you need it. A few months or a few years, we’re here to help you live your healthiest!

Why choose Quartz?

  • Expansive provider network with access to top hospitals and physicians.  Learn more about our networks.
  • Tools and resources to guide your health insurance experience:
    • MyChart provides secure online access to your health insurance benefits.
    • Health Management programs assist members with chronic conditions.
  • Health & Wellness Programs that reward you for prevention and wellness activities
  • Customer service that puts our members first.


Enrolled in Medicare?  Quartz offers a wide variety of Medicare plans.  Learn more about Quartz Medicare plans.

February 15 - August 15, 2021

Special Enrollment Period

People who need health insurance have a new chance to enroll for 2021 coverage. Open enrollment is available from February 15 to August 15 (Illinois and Wisconsin) and February 16 to July 16 (Minnesota). This special enrollment period is due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • There are no restrictions to applying.
  • You don't need a qualifying event to purchase insurance during these three months.
  • Current enrollees (Illinois and Wisconsin only) can also change to any available plan in their area.

After this special enrollment period, the next time to enroll will be during the annual open enrollment in the fall of 2021. You may be able to enroll at other times during the year if you experience a qualifying event.


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Did you add a child to your family?

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Enroll in coverage using your qualifying event.