PlusLink is a secure online tool that makes it easy for employers to manage their Quartz health plan underwritten by Physicians Plus. Accessing your employee roster through PlusLink lets you –

  • Add and terminate employees and dependents
  • Verify new enrollees
  • Update personal information for employees

You can also –

  • Review premium invoices
  • Connect to our claims system

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Offer Prescription Drug Coverage? Please Read!

Does your company offer prescription drug coverage to Medicare- and Medicare Part D-eligible employees? To help these individuals make informed choices about prescription drug coverage, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that you must provide them with a notice of creditable or non-creditable coverage by October 15 of each year.

Visit the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for guidance and documents relating to Creditable Coverage requirements for employers.

How do subscribers get reimbursed for their prescription drug claims?

If you have prescription drug coverage with Physicians Plus, subscribers should not have to file a claim as long as they use a participating pharmacy.

In situations where an emergency has occurred and a participating pharmacy was not available, subscribers may submit prescription claims for reimbursement consideration. Subscribers must send us the pharmacy receipt including detailed drug information and proof of payment, their member number, as well as a brief description of the situation. This information should be sent to

Physicians Plus Insurance
Attn: Pharmacy Services
2650 Novation Parkway
Madison, WI 53713

For more information, refer to your Group Administrative Manual.