More Providers, More Choices

ThedaCare® health system joined our provider network effective May 1, 2019. Most Quartz commercial members now have access to ThedaCare doctors and specialists at seven hospitals and 80 clinics in nine northeast and central Wisconsin counties.

The addition of ThedaCare aligns with Quartz’s commitment to improving access to affordable, quality community-based health care.

Forms Double-Check

Please take a moment to review the Quartz forms you are using. We’ve recently updated them to reflect our new names. Look for –

  • Quartz Health Benefit Plans Corporation
  • Quartz Health Plan Corporation
  • Quartz Health Plan MN Corporation
  • Quartz Health Insurance Corporation

If you see one of our old company names instead (such as Unity Health Plans Insurance Corporation or Gundersen Health Plan, Inc.), download the newest version of the form. Look in the left column under "Forms".